101DogSpots Academy


Want to join a community of like-minded dog lovers?  Tired of the constant arguments online?  Join our online supporters group and get access to new content as it’s published.  Dissect weekly body language videos with friends, enjoy a weekly chat about the latest trends in dog training, or new content that ranges from the leading edge of dog training as we know it today, to all-time classics like basic learning modules, straight forward protocols (that you can use with your clients!) and discussion of the traps and caveats to each behavior and training plan.  Join Kate and Jane today to discuss all thigns dog in a loose, supportive, fun and familiar format.

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The 101DogSpots Academy group is a unique experience tailored to the geeky dog-nerd and aspiring trainer.  It’s also great for seasoned veteran looking for new ideas.  Facebook-based, it is only limited by your imagination.

This group does away with all the nastiness of most online forums and focuses on supportive dialogue, hot new protocols, deep-diving discussions on new topics in dog training.  This is your place to be a part of the real dialogue–to speak with peers and pro trainers with a  level of honesty and depth unprecedented in online forums.

Our weekly videos on dog body language are a great hit, as we mine the most iconic, the most interesting and the most diverse examples to help you learn to read the subtle and every changing expressions of your and your client dogs.   The body language series alone is worth the price of admission, as you get to learn, in the comfort (and safety!) of your arm-chair about all the warning signs for dog aggression, fear, and most interesting of all, the subtle tells from dogs with suppressed body language.

Weekly text based chat and bi-weekly video conferences support your continued learning.  Bring your personal behavior cases, or examples and questions  from basic to advanced.  Enjoy the conversation as we toss ideas back and forth–playing devil’s advocate, asking “what if” and playing on the edges of the known universe of dog training.

Re-occurring monthly charge.