Ethics for Dog Training Professionals


Take this workshop style course to identify who you are as a trainer, as a person, and as a professional.  Work on defining the core ethical issues that matter to you and will help you draw like-minded clients.  Traverse the breadth of ethical issues that face professional dog trainers today from clients, rescues, vets, and other trainers.  This class is not for the faint of heart.  This course will help you grow to be the trainer you want to be.  Become the consummate professional!


Dog trainerAre you still looking around trying to figure out what you stand for, and how to balance the bottom line with being kind to dogs?  Are you struggling to balance “free” with paid work?  What about euthanasia, or clients using methods that you don’t approve?  Do you get frustrated with online arguments that don’t go anywhere and leave you feeling hopeless?  Struggle making connections with your local peer group?  Do you worry that setting boundaries and identifying your training style will send potential customers packing?

Stop worry and start working.  This online workshop will help you to develop your identity as a person and a dog trainer.  It will help create clear boundaries that will make navigating ethical issues more consistent, more satisfying, and without leaving you feeling at a loss or stuttering for words.  This workshop will also help to relieve guilt and pressure from clients who want something for nothing, avoid pressure to solve “family issues” and help you focus on the job at hand.

Get clarity, become more effective and efficient.  Dial in your core values and beliefs.  Learn how to treat others with the respect they deserve, and act like the consummate professional at all times without sacrificing your core values.

Variable pricing to help all our trainers gain access to this underserved and important topic.  CEU’s coming soon!

Join Caitlin and other members of the 101DogSpots team as they walk you through Jim Barry’s 2008 classic on the topic, as well as updated experiences from our modern internet age.  Dr. Caitlin Coberly is the author of the 2018 IAABC article ” Online Behavior Advice: Help or Harm?”, as well as the founder and long-time leader of the help group “Dog Training 101 Community” on facebook where she leads a team of over 24 admins and many volunteer trainers.  Caitlin’s interest in ethics began in the 1980’s with the Zen question on personal responsibility, education, and independence (or, what is the difference between proselytization and education). She was certified in ethical research standards at Duke University circa 2000.

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