In-Person Behavior Consult


Please note:  This option is available ONLY to Albany/Lebanon Oregon and surrounding area clients only.  You must be pre-approved to select this option.

Behavior modification consult includes individualized assessment and plan for you and your dog.  I work at your level to help you make progress in creating the relationship you have always dreamed of, or solving behavior issues that are creating conflict.  You identify the issues (with help if needed!) and we work together to make measurable progress!

Our programs are designed to help you and your dog reach harmony and an appreciation of the dog-human bond in your own unique way.  While we work on basic manners and some obedience skills, those are not central to our program.  Mutual understanding, safety, grace and joy are our ultimate goals so that you can live a normal happy life with your dog.

Package of 5 in-person meetings.



Our behavior consults work on the foundations of what, when and why does your dog do something–whatever it is.  We use the basic emotions to help your dog to build good habits, and feelings of safety and trust.  These emotions are central to having a safe and predictable companion.  We help YOU learn to communicate with your dog with joy–building a solid foundation that helps to prevent or eliminate fear, rage, and aggression.

Through this process you will learn dog body language and multiple skill sets to avoid and prevent problem behaviors, as well as how to manage them should you have an “oopsie” (trust me, it happens!).  You will learn how to recover, and how to build resilience and tolerance to life’s everyday challenges.

Come join us to get our of the closet–to take back your and your dogs world.  To enjoy adventuring and exploring!


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