One-on-One Coaching


Our on-on-one coaching is geared for self-starters, unique cases, and people who want a little private attention and support.  No matter what your problem, we are here for you and your dog.  If you are ready to fall in love with your bad dog again, look no further.  Our coaching is designed to bring out the best in you–in both of you!


Our on-on-one coaching is for people with unique, difficult, or private problem behaviors that they want to solve.  Expect a lot of information and careful step-by-step coaching.  Tried everything?  This coaching is for you.  We listen, and we help you problem solve, getting to the core issue.  We provide help for the underlying problems, as well as practical solutions to meet your daily needs. If you want to regain that loving trusting relationship you had with your bad dog, we are here for you.

Ideal for self-starters who need an extra pair of eyes, professional trainers who have a challenging case, or individuals who want or need a little extra attention and coaching.

We are experts at solving problems using force and fear free methods.  We are members of the Pet Professional Guild and International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, as well as part of the Fear Free Coalition.  You an trust us to solve your problems in the quickest, most scientific, and most humane manner possible.  And, unlike many professional trainers, we believe in fully supporting the human  end of the leash.  We work with you, at your pace, at your level, to solve your unique problems.

Dr. Caitlin Coberly, Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, will work directly with you, or oversee your team of experts.  Your dog is family to us.

Remember, you will need to set up an initial coaching session before you can purchase individual time slots.  This helps ensure we are correctly diagnosing the root of the behavior issues and getting you the most effective and efficient help possible.

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15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes

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