101 Puppy Essentials!


Puppy Essentials is 101DogSpots answer to bringing your pup up right!  Grab this class to ensure you get the best start with your special puppy

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101Puppy Essentials is the 101DogSpots way to raise your puppy right!  It’s our core class for puppies.  The class will walk you through the default behaviors your puppy needs to thrive in the real world–calmness, patience, and good manners.  Best of all, you will learn how to read your pup, and he will learn that YOU are awesome, fun, safe, and important.

Specific skills you (and your puppy) can expect to learn include calmness when out in public, patience and default relaxation in the home, good greetings, recall, body-handling, sit-stay, leash walking, door manners, and prevention of separation anxiety.  These exercises will help your puppy build confidence and enhance your bond.  Bonus lessons include housetraining, mouthing/biting, and more!

This class is set up as 8 weeks of intensive learning for you and your pup. You’ll be able to print out and return to the topics time and time again.  Lessons are supported by video examples and you can post your own videos for feedback!

Taught in the relaxed and familiar facebook format, you can easily ask questions and share the ups and downs of puppyhood with other owners on this dog loving, interactive, and supportive group!

Your host and guide is our very own Dr. Caitlin! (Dr. Caitlin Coberly, CDBC).  Dr. Caitlin teaches puppy classes at the local community college, and works with behavior cases (aggression, fear, OCD) via private consults.  The doctor has been working force and fear free for over 10 years, and raised littles from birth to senior citizen many times over the years.

If your special case is not covered in the course–just ask! Our certified and experienced pros are here to help you get the answers you need.  We have worked with Akitas to Yorkies, and everything in between.

(P.S. Worried about socialization during covid?  Worried how to get your puppy socialized in an online class?  Stop worrying!  We have you covered!)